A beginner's guide

A guide for beginners

Gambling can seem very exciting at first. When you get to the landing page of a casino, the site shows you all sorts of winnings. Some even have alerts indicating how much money people have made. ‘$50,000 up for grabs!’ the notification reads, and you cannot help but want to play the game and try your chances. But before you start wagering any real money, here are some tips you can employ:

Choosing a Game

There are endless choices in gambling games, and sites seem to come up with new ideas at each dawn. Today, there is a new way of playing cards, and tomorrow, there is a slot machine that promises to double your wager. So, how can you choose amongst all these options?

Your Preferences

A guide for beginners in gambling

On a sheet, note down what you like in games instead of going for what other people feel works for them. Would you rather play a relaxing game, or do you want one that has you on the edge of your seat? Are you looking for simplistic gameplay, or would you prefer a choice that features lots of instructions at each turn? Should the game be seamless, or should it prompt you to reason?

Note down your answers to these questions. For example, if you want to play a relaxing game with simple and seamless gameplay, card games would be a good choice. Answering this first part enables you to set the pace for the subsequent considerations.

Choice of Site

Let’s be honest; there are many gaming sites at present, some of which are legit and others that will con you of your money. Thus, when looking for the right operator, ensure that it is legit and can offer the game you have in mind. There are tons of online reviews that can help you find a site suited to your needs, cutting your work in half.

Demo Games

It can be tempting to put your money where your mouth is but this is a mistake, more so for a beginner. Instead of going all in, have a run at the game and understand how it works. Nowadays, most casinos enable you to try a game for free to get a feel of the gameplay and decide if it works for you. For example, you may have chosen Russian roulette, but you may realize that you do not enjoy or understand it after a few plays. You can either go back to the drawing board and choose another game or read more about it to know where you went wrong. Once you feel comfortable with the demo version, you can move on to playing with real money. How does that sound?

Vary the Game

Like we stated earlier, game providers are always enhancing their games to keep up with consumer expectations and to beat the competition. If you find that a slot game appeals to you, there is a high chance that there are other game variations somewhere. This variation can even be more fun than the original, enabling you to enjoy the game even more. Gambling is not only about making money, but it also encompasses many thrills.


You should not invest in a game that does not make your heart flutter with joy. Doing so would rob you of the chance to relax and dive right into it. Take an example of where you decide to play a card game that you do not particularly like. If you are only doing it for the money, each loss will feel like a punch in the gut. However, if you enjoy it, you can keep playing as you lightheartedly cuss at the screen. Every game will be a learning experience, and you will be unlikely to get frustrated. Also, do not be afraid to try something new, even if you have already found something you like. You never know what’s out there!

Gaming Options

Here are some games that have proven to be easy, even for beginners.

Slot Games

Slot machines in online casinos

The chances are high that you have played a slot game, but getting the hang of these games is easy even if you have not. All you do is choose how much you want to wager, how many spins you want and click on the start button. Hold your breath, count to three, and hope that you win. It’s that simple! Some games feature some variations to make the processes more exciting, but you are always free to start with the most simplistic gameplays. Slots Temple, Casino.Org, Internet Slots, and Casino Guru are some of the places where you can try slot games’ demos.


Roulette wheel in online casinos

Playing this game can take on a variety of gameplays. However, as a beginner, you are better off starting with 50/50 bets where you choose between one outcome and another. For example, will the wheel land on a red or black number. That should be easy enough, and you can get demo accounts at Lady Lucks, Casino4u, and Roulette Sites, among other options.


All you need is to get as close as you can to 21, and many sites include strategies you can use to avoid going bust. Casino Guru, Blackjack Online, and Blackjack.com would be great places to make your first move.

Video Poker

You can play poker online

Given the low house edge, you can play this game without running a high risk while still standing a chance to make some money. Note that some knowledge in poker hand rankings will help you perform well in the game. But not to worry. Many sites offer free demo accounts, enabling you to understand the gameplay before wagering real money. Examples include Casino Org and Vegas Slots.


Play bacarrat game online

Understanding this game takes a while, but the gameplay should come easy. You have three tiles on which you can place money: tie, player, or banker. The dealer does the rest of the work, leaving you to wait for a win or otherwise. You can try Betting Planet and Casino Guru for some demos before diving all in.

Above all else, remember to relax and have fun. And if you find yourself losing, know when to stop and do not chase losses. Good luck!

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