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I want to take a brief moment to share with you my plans for a better Kenya, my vision and explain how you can be a part of it

I believe in unity for Kenya, a growing economy and transparency in government. Umoja, Uchumi, Uwazi

That is because I truly believe that a focus on these three areas is what Kenya needs to move towards a prosperous future.


Our diversity is our strength as it leads to a dynamic and vibrant society where we can challenge each other to be better and to grow. I believe that when we bring together our different skills: when we merge the exuberance of youth with the wisdom of age and fuse the creativity of our artists with the capabilities of our technological geniuses, when we create free spaces that allow for the expression and appreciation of each other’s cultures- then, and only then, will we be able to build the Kenya we desire.


A thriving economy means a thriving citizenry. It’s important that we create the kind of environment where there is opportunity for entrepreneurship. Where the young man with a dream of starting a company can find the capital to do so. Where small and medium enterprises are given ample room to grow. That’s one of the ways we’ll get young people the jobs that they need. In an environment rife with unemployment, a focus on the economy is crucial.


Even after we grow economically, we must ensure that all our national gains are shared equitably. Our prosperity must be felt by all Kenyans through better infrastructure, education, health-care, and security. We need a system that allows the public to walk with the government through every step of the tendering process. We will use technology to track every tax shilling spent by the county governments and senate and hold their spending to account. We must have transparency in all public sectors to ensure efficiency and fairness for all Kenyans.


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